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Various 148

Choose the most appropriate answer.


I can only see __________.
A) a few bottles C) many bottles
B) a little bottles D) a few bottle


How __________ of matches have we got?
A) much box C) many boxes
B) much boxes D) many box


They __________ once a week.
A) bought C) went shopping
B) was buying D) went to shops


When did you __________ that photo?
A) made C) make
B) take D) do


__________ fridge in the kitchen?
A) Are there a C) Is a
B) Is some D) Is there a


He isn't in London now because he __________ to the Continent.
A) has been C) has gone
B) will going D) was going


When the telephone rang, she __________ a letter.
A) was writing C) writes
B) has written D) will write


They won't do that, __________?
A) will they C) will they not
B) did they D) they will


"__________?" "She is tall and clever."
A) What is she C) How is she like
B) What is she like D) Who is she


They __________ the bus.
A) was waiting for C) were waiting
B) were waiting for D) was waiting

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