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Various 143

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Would you like a coffee? No thanks, I've __________ had one.
A) still C) again
B) yet D) already


I must fill in this form. Could you __________ me your pen please?
A) borrow C) lend
B) let D) take


When you see Jason can you __________ him that I have a book for him, please?
A) explain C) say
B) tell D) speak


What was Jane __________ at the party?
A) taking off C) dressing
B) putting on D) wearing


I'm extremely __________ learning about computers. I think they are important for work.
A) interested for C) interesting in
B) interested at D) interested with


I've lived in Prague __________ 4 years.
A) for C) from
B) since D) during


This is the __________ section of the exam.
A) most easy C) easiest
B) easier D) more easy


It's a beautiful scooter but I can't afford to buy it. It's __________ expensive.
A) many C) enough
B) much D) too


When you were young did you __________ climb trees?
A) used to C) use to
B) use D) used


My greatest desire...? Well I would love __________ the world cup final.
A) see C) seeing
B) to see D) seen

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