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Learning Tips

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Remember that learning a language is a gradual process - it does not __________ overnight.
A) happen C) happens
B) happened D) happening


Define your learning objectives __________: What do you want to learn and why?
A) begin C) advance
B) late D) early


Make learning a habit. Try to learn something every day. It is much better to study (or read, or listen to English news, etc.) 10 minutes each day than to study for 2 hours __________ a week.
A) by C) once
B) at D) more


Remember to make learning a habit! If you study each day for 10 minutes English will be constantly in your head. If you study once a week, English will not be as present in your __________.
A) intellect C) remind
B) mind D) notice


Choose your materials __________. You will need reading, grammar, writing, speaking and listening materials.
A) good C) well
B) much D) many


Vary your learning __________. It is best to do different things each day to help keep the various relationships between each area active. In other words, don't just study grammar.
A) interruption C) number
B) break D) routine


Find friends to study and speak __________. Learning English together can be very encouraging.
A) on C) at
B) with D) ahead


Choose listening and reading materials that __________ to what you are interested in. Being interested in the subject will make learning more enjoyable - thus more effective.
A) relate C) celebrate
B) move D) limit


Relate grammar to practical usage. Grammar by __________ does not help you USE the language. You should practice what you are learning by employing it actively.
A) myself C) oneself
B) itself D) yourself


Be patient with yourself. Remember learning is a process - speaking a language well takes time. It is not a computer that is either __________!
A) by and by C) with or without
B) up or down D) on or off

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