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Various 136

Choose the most appropriate answer.


I've been studying English for 2 years now, and I still can't __________ it very well.
A) talk C) say
B) tell D) speak


Nobody died in the accident, but 20 people were __________.
A) damaged C) injured
B) spoiled D) broken


She __________ her children, she gives them whatever they want.
A) damages C) ruins
B) spoils D) hurts


The government is encouraging everyone to __________ water by not washing their cars.
A) waste C) save
B) spend D) use


Look at this advertisement Mary, it __________ there's 50% off everything at Yvonne's boutique - shall we go?
A) says C) notices
B) advises D) writes


Ken's __________ is not what it used to be, he's always forgetting where he's put things.
A) remember C) memoirs
B) memory D) souvenirs


I'm hungry, it's midday and I __________ haven't eaten anything!
A) just C) yet
B) still D) already


Would you like a cup of coffee?' 'No thanks, I've __________ had one.
A) just C) yet
B) still D) already


Have you ever __________ snake?
A) ate C) eaten
B) eated D) eat


Who __________ Wimbledon this year?
A) win C) wan
B) won D) did win

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