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Choose the most appropriate answer.


I have a great job but it doesn't pay well. I don't care. Money isn't __________.
A) so much C) nothing
B) everything D) the job


She doesn't look like a singer but actually she's very good. Don't judge a book by its __________.
A) colour C) cover
B) sales D) author


I love being with my family. There's no place like __________.
A) the whole family C) London
B) home D) my house


He is never satisfied with what he has got. The grass is always greener on the other side of the __________.
A) garden C) wall
B) fence D) road


I bought a radio but it never worked properly. I won't buy the same one again. Once bitten twice __________.
A) bitten C) three times
B) shy D) wise


Don't talk so loud. Shhh. Walls have __________.
A) listening C) ears
B) to be thick D) a secret


The saying "All things are difficult before they are easy" suggests that after study or training things become __________.
A) difficult C) easier
B) more difficult D) ordinary


If "we must learn to walk before we can run", what must we learn to do before we can write?
A) run C) crawl
B) walk D) read


"Every dog has his day" is a proverb about __________.
A) dogs C) cats
B) people D) dogs and people


The saying "Crime doesn't pay" suggests that you can make money by __________.
A) stealing C) working
B) informing D) paying

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