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Choose the most appropriate answer.


Which of the following is NOT a citrus fruit?
A) grapefruit C) orange
B) apple D) lemon


If you cook something in oil, you __________ it.
A) grill C) fry
B) steam D) boil


I'm starving! I could eat a __________.
A) horse C) house
B) pig D) cow


In British English they buy food to 'take away', but in the US they buy it __________.
A) to eat out C) to lift
B) to carry D) to go


Another word for chips is __________ fries.
A) French C) English
B) Italian D) German


Which of the following is sweet (not savoury)?
A) sushi C) a doughnut
B) a taco D) pizza


Which of the following would a vegetarian eat?
A) cabbage C) lamb
B) beef D) pork


I love eating cakes, biscuits and chocolate - the problem is they are so __________.
A) fatter C) fattening
B) fat D) fatty


Some people don't like curry from India or Thailand; they say it's too __________ - but I love it!
A) sour and sweet C) sweet and sour
B) spicy and hot D) hot and spicy


Mmmmm... that was absolutely __________!
A) well C) good
B) delicious D) tasty

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