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Choose the most appropriate answer.


A condition when someone works all the time and finds it difficult to stop is called __________.
A) workaholic C) workaholism
B) work addicted D) careerism


Something that's not as important as something else can be described as a __________ issue.
A) second C) second-class
B) second best D) secondary


If you increase __________, you achieve a higher level of output within a certain time.
A) productive C) productivity
B) produced D) reproduce


If in a particular workplace there is a culture of working long hours and most people do it, it is considered to be the __________ there.
A) normal C) normality
B) norm D) normalise


It's easy to tell if someone has __________: they feel both physically and emotionally exhausted all the time.
A) flamed off C) fired away
B) burnt out D) arsonned


She hates working full-time in that office. There's no chance of promotion and the work itself is really boring. She's got to get out of that __________.
A) jobshare C) job evaluation
B) job security D) dead end job


He's the best __________ in this country. If I have to have a heart operation, I hope he's the one operating on me.
A) nurse C) porter
B) surgeon D) pharmacist


She writes fantastic music and makes a good living at it. She's a very talented __________.
A) flautist C) cellist
B) pianist D) composer


If someone is in a meeting and doesn't want their mobile to disturb people, they put it on __________.
A) quiet C) silence
B) silent D) mute


I need to charge my cell phone because the battery has __________.
A) run away C) run over
B) run out D) run off

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