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Various 132

Choose the most appropriate answer.


The offer was too good for him to turn __________.
A) away C) down
B) off D) out


If only I __________ to the barbecue instead of staying at home.
A) went C) did go
B) had gone D) will go


Monica's father ordered her __________ out late again.
A) not stay C) not staying
B) not to stay D) do not staying


It's no use __________ to her. She doesn't listen.
A) to speak C) speaking
B) spoke D) spoken


Susan __________ in England for her holiday last year.
A) is C) are
B) was D) were


If I were rich, I __________ buy a huge farm in Ohio.
A) would C) will
B) shall D) might


They __________ pass their exam if they studied hard.
A) will C) would
B) did D) can


We held a meeting to __________ what to do.
A) speak C) come
B) turn D) discuss


I __________ I won't be home late.
A) speak C) discuss
B) promise D) tell


Could you __________ me back about that?
A) call C) explain
B) say D) tell

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