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Various 13

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


A man's car ______ stopped dead when he was driving down the middle of a country lane.
A) suddenly C) often
B) now D) for a while


He stepped out of the car and looked inside the bonnet to see if he could ______ it.
A) break C) fix
B) do D) shatter


After a while a horse came ______ along, had a look at the car and said:
A) trotting C) going
B) flowing D) furious


"Your trouble is probably the ______."
A) screwdriver C) your wife
B) battery D) coffin


The man was so surprised that he ran down the road until he met a farmer walking ______ him.
A) on C) aside
B) towards D) out of


He stopped the farmer and told him exactly what ______.
A) has happened C) had happened
B) happened D) was going to happen


"Did the horse have a white ______ in the middle of his forehead?" asked the farmer.
A) patch C) shank
B) stain D) mark


"Yes, yes!" cried the ______.
A) motorist C) farmer
B) horse D) neighbour


"Don't ______ any attention, then," said the farmer,...
A) take C) put
B) pay D) make


..."that was only old Dobbin and he doesn't know a thing about ______."
A) mares C) cars
B) nosh D) oats

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