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Choose the most appropriate answer.


The tourists stood there __________ at the lovely scenery. One could see the admiration in their eyes.
A) seeing C) staring
B) gazing D) peering


Some animals and birds find no difficulty moving at night as they have the ability to __________ in the dark.
A) watch C) look
B) view D) see


As Kathryn was in a hurry and so hungry she simply __________ at the menu and ordered a sandwich and some salad.
A) noticed C) glanced
B) flashed D) saw


They decided to spend a romantic night sleeping on the beach and __________ at the stars.
A) glimpsing C) noting
B) focusing D) gazing


As Jeremy had never been in a city like New York before, he just stood in front of the tall skyscrapers with his mouth open and __________ at them.
A) concentrated C) peeped
B) gaped D) viewed


When Julia saw her husband with another woman, she was so shocked that she could do nothing but __________ at him in disbelief.
A) watch C) peer
B) gaze D) stare


This man was their only hope and when he let them down they all __________ at him in alarm.
A) stared C) fancied
B) observed D) viewed


Brian had a feeling that the black Ford had been following him. He __________ in the rearview mirror to see if the car was still behind him.
A) remarked C) glanced
B) noticed D) gaped


The kids were told off many times for __________ through the keyhole while their parents were having an argument in the bedroom.
A) surveying C) browsing
B) peeping D) detecting


He __________ at his wife when she actually dared to oppose him.
A) peeped C) glared
B) perceived D) glimpsed

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