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Various 123

Choose the most appropriate answer.


He's very worried __________ his business just now. It's hardly making any profit at all.
A) from C) about
B) of D) with


We were all completely amazed __________ the magician. His card tricks were brilliant.
A) about C) by
B) with D) of


I'm really terrified __________ needles. I hate getting injections.
A) for C) to
B) of D) in


You can talk to either your manager or __________ if you have a problem.
A) I C) myself
B) me D) my


David is late again. That's typical __________ him!
A) of C) to
B) for D) in


Could you translate the report __________ English please?
A) to C) into
B) in D) with


They're busy drawing __________ a plan for the new campaign.
A) on C) at
B) up D) out


He's nervous because he occasionally suffers __________ loss of memory.
A) of C) with
B) in D) from


Which of these three-letter words means 'great happiness'? __________
A) jay C) joy
B) jam D) jar


I used to get lots of __________ but since I started using that new filter I haven't had one of those get-rich-quick promises.
A) spam C) ham
B) steak D) fish

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