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Various 122

Choose the most appropriate answer.


The pilot __________ the passengers that the plane was about to land.
A) informed C) said
B) spoke D) suggested


I have to __________ that I'm terrible at maths.
A) tell C) warn
B) inform D) admit


The bank robber __________ to start shooting unless his demands were met.
A) warned C) threatened
B) informed D) told


When the journalists asked about her new marriage, she __________ that she was very happy.
A) informed C) insisted
B) discussed D) told


The police __________ him of robbery.
A) blamed C) accused
B) confessed D) charged


He __________ that he had been involved in any crimes.
A) denied C) admitted
B) confessed D) responded


I recommend __________ the lobster. It's delicious.
A) try C) to try
B) you try D) you to try


I'm looking forward __________ you at the weekend.
A) see C) to see
B) seeing D) to seeing


We're thinking __________ to Rome on holiday this year.
A) going C) of go
B) of going D) of to go


I have to avoid __________ coffee after 6pm, or I can't sleep.
A) drink C) drinking
B) to drinking D) to drink

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