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Choose the most appropriate answer.


Teenagers have to learn how to __________ school studies with spending time with their friends.
A) jingle C) jiggle
B) jungle D) juggle


If two people instantly like each other and become friends, you can say they __________.
A) hit each other C) hit it off
B) hit out at each other D) hit it out


A teenager about her best friend and herself: 'The fact that we have __________ shows how close we are to each other - we're like sisters'.
A) regular clashes C) constant fights
B) occasional tiffs D) frequent quarrels


Jeans and T-shirts can be worn by both boys and girls. They are __________ clothes.
A) monosex C) unisex
B) polysex D) any sex


Teenagers often talk about things that are __________ them - in other words, irritating them.
A) hugging C) bugging
B) mugging D) tugging


A common colloquial word for someone who is modern, stylish and always stays calm is __________.
A) chilly C) tepid
B) lukewarm D) cool


To __________ clean means to deep clean your house. This usually only happens once a year.
A) winter C) spring
B) summer D) autumn


If someone is very interested or worried about something, we call them __________.
A) obsessive C) possessive
B) recessive D) aggressive


__________ means a lot of junk and stuff which is lying around your house, like newspapers, books and shoes
A) caterer C) crater
B) clutter D) conker


If someone spends all their time cleaning and tidying, he or she is a __________.
A) clean freak C) tidy freak
B) clean pedant D) clean enthusiast

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