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Choose the most appropriate answer.


The nearest town was 80 km away, I mean really in the middle of __________.
A) nowhere C) somewhere
B) anywhere D) everywhere


I love going away, but there's no place like __________.
A) house C) the office
B) home D) my bed


Which of the following is NOT holiday accommodation? __________
A) guesthouse C) youth hostel
B) hotel D) borstal


It was the best holiday ever! We had a __________ of a time!
A) fish C) shark
B) whale D) great


The trains are very busy in the morning; it's all the __________ going to work.
A) trainers C) commuters
B) computers D) trekkers


I left my house late this morning and __________ the bus.
A) lost C) missed
B) forgot D) drove


If you've travelled around many time zones you might suffer from __________.
A) travel-sleep C) plane-tiredness
B) jet-lag D) holiday-fatigue


I always __________ travel insurance for peace of mind.
A) take on C) take off
B) take in D) take out


Don't forget to __________ a taxi to take you to the airport.
A) book C) buy
B) rent D) reserve


The first thing to do when arranging a holiday is to decide on the __________.
A) location C) destination
B) place D) situation

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