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Various 117

Choose the most appropriate answer.


He __________ to me on the phone this morning.
A) spoke C) told
B) repeated D) said


He __________ me to keep quiet about it.
A) explained C) repeated
B) told D) said


The man __________ us how to use the new photocopier.
A) said C) told
B) repeated D) explained


Could you __________ me back about that?
A) tell C) say
B) explain D) call


We held a meeting to __________ what to do.
A) speak C) come
B) turn D) discuss


I __________ I won't be home late.
A) speak C) discuss
B) promise D) tell


You say "Hello, Mr. Chips" to the teacher, and then __________ him about what you did last summer.
A) tell C) repeat
B) check D) talk


I've already __________ you everything I know about it.
A) put C) checked
B) said D) told


We need to meet soon. I've got to __________ to you about this.
A) tell C) talk
B) check D) repeat


It's not as difficult as it appears. Let me __________.
A) discuss C) explain
B) say D) tell

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