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Various 116

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Sean told me that he wanted to go to the movies tonight but, at the last minute, he changed his __________ and decided to stay home.
A) say C) thought
B) mind D) issue


Cara wants to buy that car but she's having second __________ because her mechanic told her that there might be something wrong with the transmission.
A) say C) issues
B) thoughts D) mind


I would like to make more decisions at the office but my boss has the final __________ over everything.
A) issue C) say
B) thoughts D) mind


I made a suggestion to the board last week. They said they would take into __________ and get back to me later this month.
A) mind C) issue
B) say D) consideration


Gordon is really gutsy because he's going to back the __________ even though it's risky.
A) thoughts C) say
B) decision D) mind


The board is concerned about the environmental issues. However, bear in __________ that there are many factors to consider such as job losses and financial devastation if we move too quickly.
A) mind C) thoughts
B) say D) consideration


The boss is unwilling to make a decision yet. Can't you see that he dodges the __________ every time we bring it up to him?
A) mind C) thoughts
B) say D) issue


Sara can't make up her __________ right now. On one hand, she could make a lot of money if she goes through with the deal. However, if she does, she may lose a good friendship.
A) consideration C) decision
B) thoughts D) mind


Now that everyone has had a chance to state their opinions about the subject, I'm going to give this matter a lot of __________ and get back to you all with a clear decision in about a week.
A) mind C) thought
B) say D) issue


Before you make any hasty decisions, keep in __________ that there are a lot of people who depend on you.
A) mind C) thought
B) issue D) decision

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