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Various 114

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Mike: Haven't seen you for __________.
A) centuries C) ages
B) periods D) times


Linda: No, I've been __________ a lot of pain the last few months.
A) over C) off
B) across D) in


Mike: I'm sorry to hear that. Tell me __________ it.
A) through C) of
B) about D) with


Linda: It's awful really. At the __________ it's in my knee.
A) moment C) second
B) occasion D) hour


Mike: That can __________ walking very difficult.
A) do C) make
B) cause D) give


Linda: Then __________ the pain in my back.
A) there are C) there will be
B) there should be D) there is


Mike: I know what that's __________.
A) same C) as
B) similar D) like


Linda: Of __________ I mustn't forget the pains in my feet.
A) way C) course
B) path D) lane


Mike: Suddenly I'm __________ much better. I won't see the doctor today. Good bye.
A) going C) trying
B) feeling D) making


Linda: But you can't go __________ I haven't described my other pains.
A) still C) again
B) till D) yet

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