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Various 112

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Why are you looking so __________ in the mouth? There's no need to be so miserable, is there?
A) over C) off
B) up D) down


Well, there is as a matter of __________.
A) detail C) fact
B) point D) information


I have no __________ why. Perhaps you'd better tell me.
A) idea C) belief
B) thought D) feeling


I would have thought the reason was quite obvious if you __________ about it.
A) believe C) consider
B) think D) ponder


No, It's no __________. You'll just have to tell me.
A) bad C) correct
B) right D) good


I'll tell you why then. It's because of the __________ of the year.
A) length C) time
B) age D) date


I suppose you're talking about the season the Americans call the fall and the British call the __________.
A) closing C) ending
B) autumn D) browning


That's it exactly. It's a time when I always get very __________.
A) defeated C) dependent
B) impressed D) depressed


There's no __________ to feel like that. Just remember that Christmas will be here soon.
A) duty C) need
B) obligation D) requirement


Thanks for that. Now you've __________ me feel really miserable.
A) done C) let
B) made D) set

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