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Various 111

Choose the most appropriate answer.


It __________ since early this morning.
A) rains C) has rained
B) has been raining D) rained


I __________ here since 1992.
A) work C) have worked
B) worked D) had worked


My secretary __________ the report for the past three hours.
A) has typed C) is typing
B) has been typing D) typed


Paul __________ this film several times already.
A) saw C) did see
B) is seeing D) has seen


We __________ a new product last year.
A) launched C) had launched
B) have launched D) launch


To date we __________ a lot of money in Research & Development.
A) invested C) have invested
B) had invested D) invest


In the past four years we __________ on six new members of staff.
A) did take C) take
B) took D) have taken


We __________ a new project in January.
A) have started C) have been starting
B) start D) started


John __________ on holiday to Moscow six years ago.
A) has been C) went
B) goes D) has gone


Last year conditions in the market __________ very difficult for us.
A) are C) were
B) had been D) have been

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