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Various 110

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Wow! Look at that! How __________ books do you have on your shelves? I have to tell you it's a great collection!
A) much C) many
B) any D) some


Would you like __________ juice?
A) many C) an
B) some D) much


How __________ money do you have?
A) much C) more
B) many D) often


I only have __________ dollars.
A) some C) any
B) a little D) a few


I want to make orange juice. Have you got __________ oranges?
A) much C) an
B) any D) few


No, I don't. But I have __________ apples, if you'd like to make apple juice instead.
A) a little C) some
B) any D) few


There are __________ people trying to go to the U2 concert this weekend.
A) many C) much
B) a little D) any


How many gallons of water did you bring for the trip? — I just have __________ gallons.
A) much C) any
B) a little D) a few


Jessica spent a lot of money on her car. Now she only has __________ money left to pay for her living expenses.
A) many C) a few
B) a little D) much


How __________ time do you have left before you have to go to school?
A) some C) much
B) many D) any

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