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Various 109

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Mr Jones didn't like to be __________ at meals.
A) lonesome C) single
B) alone D) solitary


Do you know if she is married or __________?
A) alone C) lonely
B) single D) solitary


After his wife's death, his evenings have been long and __________.
A) single C) alone
B) solitary D) detached


Marion doesn't see anyone. She leads a __________ life.
A) lone C) lonesome
B) single D) alone


Annette never leaves her five-year-old son __________ at home.
A) lonely C) alone
B) single D) lonesome


For a long time now, we have been looking for __________ house to live in.
A) a solitary C) a single
B) a detached D) an alone


He didn't say __________ word to defend himself.
A) a single C) a lonely
B) a solitary D) an alone


You can't lift this heavy suitcase __________.
A) lonesome C) alone
B) single D) lonely


Mother tries to hide it, but we know that she is __________ woman.
A) a single C) an alone
B) a lonely D) a solitary


We have no neighbours because our house stands __________ on a hill.
A) alone C) lonely
B) lonesome D) removed

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