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Various 107

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Linda: Hello! You work here, don´t you? I would like to buy a __________ blouse.
A) most C) more
B) right D) new


Brian: Yes! I make money this way, apart from my studies! It is __________ to earn money on my own!
A) cheaper C) better
B) expensive D) longer


Linda: Yes, and __________! Hahaha!
A) right C) harder
B) new D) best


Brian: That’s __________. It is better to go shopping! Hahaha.
A) right C) cheaper
B) expensive D) longer


Linda: Yes, but it is __________ to travel around the world.
A) more C) lower
B) delicious D) best


Brian: Yes, but doing that is the most expensive way, and the wages are getting __________.
A) best C) lower
B) more D) expensive


It is getting more and more __________ all the time.
A) right C) most
B) best D) difficult


Linda: That’s why I am looking for a __________ blouse.
A) cheaper C) difficult
B) harder D) lower


I have already seen __________ of the blouses here.
A) longer C) most
B) more D) right


Do you have a __________ one also?
A) most C) more
B) longer D) right

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