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Various 104

Choose the most appropriate answer.


"May I help you?"
"Yes, I'd like __________."
A) some information C) the information
B) to inform D) any information


"What kind of information?"
"Well, I'm looking __________ a good language school."
A) to C) after
B) at D) for


"Right, I was expecting you. You're early."
"Yes, but not __________ I had intended."
A) as early C) as early as
B) early D) so early


"Have __________. Make yourself comfortable."
A) seat C) sit
B) a sit D) a seat


"__________ a glass of water?"
A) Want you C) Would you want
B) Would you D) Would you like


"Our teachers are experienced and all __________ specialist qualifications."
A) have C) obtain
B) give D) the


"My teachers have to be very kind and helpful. __________, I’d go somewhere else."
A) However C) Then
B) Otherwise D) On the other hand


"Highly qualified teachers motivate students __________ achieve high results."
A) in C) to
B) so D) for


"Now, we've got some forms to __________."
A) fill up C) fill about
B) fill over D) fill in


"You've done that __________."
A) very quick C) fastly
B) quick D) quickly

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