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Choose the most appropriate answer.


He could eat a horse — means: He __________.
A) likes horses C) has a very big face
B) is very hungry D) can eat anything


Don't talk to him about the war because it's like a __________ rag to a bull.
A) red C) blue
B) white D) green


I'll eat my hat! — means: I don't __________.
A) trust it C) believe it
B) understand it D) tolerate it


Now that you have read it in __________, you believe me.
A) red and white C) white and red
B) black and white D) white and black


She'll have to eat humble pie — means: She'll have to __________.
A) eat it again C) admit she is wrong
B) say that again D) swallow it quickly


The reason why Polly feels so __________ today is because it's her birthday and no one has sent her any cards.
A) black C) white
B) red D) blue


You'll have to eat your words, I'm afraid — means: You'll have to __________ what you said.
A) promise C) explain
B) apologise for D) repeat


In this business you cannot afford to make any mistake and must be seen to be lily __________.
A) purple C) white
B) red D) green


Please mind your step when you __________ the train.
A) get by C) get on to
B) get on with D) get on


Paul knew that he had to get __________ early the next morning so he set his alarm for 5 a.m.
A) down C) up
B) on D) along

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