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Various 10

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Which American President had wooden teeth?
A) George Washington C) George Bush
B) Abraham Lincoln D) Chester A. Arthur


In which American state the greatest timber (lumber) can be found?
A) Texas C) Iowa
B) California D) Alaska


I wanted to extend my life the way Leonardo did. That's why I _______ juggling. (Steve Martin)
A) gave up C) took up
B) put up D) made up


May I ______ you home?
A) walk C) see
B) follow D) lift


FRANK: Hey, neighbour, I saw you wandering around my back yard last night.
NEIGHBOUR: Yeah? Well I saw you peeing on my dog a week ago.
FRANK: Alright, let's just _______ the table.
A) clean C) wash
B) sweep it off D) dust


I'm all ears. MEANS:
A) I have the attention of the crowd C) I'm drunk
B) I'm listening D) I'm cup ears collector


I _____ the US two years ago.
A) have been to C) was to
B) have been in D) was in


Are you _____ yet?
A) through C) gone
B) over D) done


MOTHER: How can you live in this pigsty? Go and clean your ______ room!
A) nice C) little
B) filthy D) own


STEVE: Got 25 cents?
FRANK: Yes, I always carry around some ____.
A) bucks C) nickels
B) cents D) change

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