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Knowledge test 4

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


__________ is the author of the Old Man and the Sea, published in 1952.
A) John Steinbeck C) Ernest Hemingway
B) Jane Austin D) Agatha Christie


The typical Thanksgiving menu consists of __________.
A) turkey with bread stuffing and mashed potatoes C) smoked salmon and sauce
B) fried carp and potato salad D) fried chicken and rice


Thanksgiving is celebrated in __________.
A) the USA C) Australia
B) Great Britain D) New Zealand


London buses are __________.
A) green C) yellow
B) blue D) red


Which of these countries was the first one in the world to issue adhesive postage stamps?
A) Canada C) the USA
B) Great Britain D) Ireland


__________ is printed on British stamps.
A) The price and the portrait of the monarch C) The name of the monarch, his/her portrait and the year
B) Elisabeth II D) Nothing


__________ was the US president during the Civil War.
A) F. D. Roosevelt C) George Washington
B) Abraham Lincoln D) Thomas Jefferson


__________ is the idiom used in order to say that somebody is very good or special.
A) The "dog's ears" C) The "cat's whiskers"
B) The "fat cat" D) The "clever fox"


Elvis Presley was a twin.
A) true B) false


__________ is the largest city in the USA.
A) Chicago C) Washington, D.C.
B) San Francisco D) New York City

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