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Knowledge test 3

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


In America Columbus found __________ and brought these plants to Europe.
A) wheat, sunflower and bananas C) coffee, strawberries, potatoes, apples and blueberries
B) bananas, apples, mushrooms and potatoes D) corn, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, cacao and beans


Which animals did Columbus bring to the Americas?
A) horses, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens C) rats, snakes and mosquitoes
B) cats, dogs, bears and cows D) cats and dogs


The USA consists of __________ .
A) 50 states and the District of Columbia C) only 50 states
B) 49 states and the Washington D.C. D) 49 states and the District of Columbia


The Capitol is the seat __________ .
A) of the US President C) of the Federal Government
B) in New York D) of Congress


In __________, the Constitution of the USA as the fundamental law was prepared by the representatives of the American states in Philadelphia.
A) 1797 C) 1787
B) 1778 D) 1792


The Congress of the USA consists of __________ .
A) the Senate and the President C) the Federal Court system
B) the House of Representatives and the Senate D) the President and Cabinet


The Senate has __________ members, __________ from each state.
A) 435; a different number of members C) 100; 2 members
B) 500; 10 members D) 200; 4 members


The US Federal Government has these separate branches: __________ .
A) legislative and the Government C) legislative and the US President
B) Parliament and the US President D) legislative, executive and judicial


The system of checks and balances __________ .
A) may defeat a bill of Congress by a veto C) does not exist in the USA
B) restricts the power of each branch D) does not work in the USA


The President is the head of __________ .
A) the executive branch C) everything
B) the executive branch and the Supreme Court D) the major political party


The voting age is __________ .
A) 18 C) 20
B) 21 D) 19


The President is elected for a __________ term and can be elected only for __________ consecutive terms.
A) four-year; one C) four-year; two
B) five-year; one D) five-year; two


The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul __________ .
A) is in London C) was built in 1826
B) is situated in New York D) is known also as Washington National Cathedral


__________ was established in 1636 as the US oldest institution of higher learning.
A) Jameson University C) Cambridge University
B) Oxford University D) Harvard University


The Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift to the people of the USA from __________ .
A) France C) Great Britain
B) England D) Germany


The grave of J. F. Kennedy is at __________ in __________.
A) his family cemetery; San Francisco C) his family cemetery; New York
B) Arlington National Cemetery; Washington, D.C. D) Dallas National Cemetery; Dallas


New York City is often nicknamed as __________ .
A) The New World C) The Big Apple
B) The Big Peach D) The Hudson Island


The Mount Rushmore National Memorial comprises the busts of the famous US presidents: __________ .
A) George Washington, J. F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln C) George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt
B) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln D) George Washington and J. F. Kennedy


The Great Depression started when the stock market crashed on October 29, __________ .
A) 1914 C) 1930
B) 1939 D) 1929


Franklin D. Roosevelt's economic plan was called the __________ .
A) "New Deal" C) "New America"
B) "Recovery Programme" D) "Reform Plan"

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