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Knowledge test 1

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of __________ .
A) England, Wales and Canada C) England, Wales and Ireland
B) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland D) England, Wales and Scotland


__________ were united in 1707 to form Great Britain.
A) England and Wales C) Scotland and England
B) Wales and Scotland D) England and Ireland


__________ are parts of Great Britain.
A) England and Wales C) England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
B) England and Ireland D) England, Wales and Scotland


The Irish Free State (southern Ireland) was recognized by Great Britain in __________ .
A) 1801 C) 1916
B) 1921 D) 1282


__________ became part of the English kingdom in 1282.
A) Wales C) Northern Ireland
B) Scotland D) Ireland


The highest mountain in Britain is __________ .
A) Snowdon C) Big Ben
B) Mount McKinley D) Ben Nevis


The name Great Britain means __________ .
A) larger Britain to distinguish it from Brittany in north-west France C) that Britain is a large country
B) that the British think Britain is great D) nothing


The population of the UK is __________ .
A) over 57,000,000 C) about 45,000,000
B) 26,000,000 D) about 68,000,000


__________ is the capital of Scotland.
A) Aberdeen C) Cardiff
B) Glasgow D) Edinburgh


Britain has a __________ climate.
A) very hot C) mild
B) cool D) warm


In Scotland __________ is used for distilling whisky.
A) corn C) wheat
B) barley D) rye


The United Kingdom is a/an __________ .
A) federation C) constitutional monarchy
B) absolute monarchy D) republic


The present Sovereign is __________ .
A) Queen Elizabeth II C) Elizabeth I
B) Queen Mary D) Henry VIII


__________ was a well known place in which Shakespeare's theatre company performed many times.
A) London Theatre C) Shakespeare's Theatre
B) The Globe Theatre D) The Grand Theatre


The Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift to the people of the USA from the people of __________ .
A) Ireland C) Spain
B) France D) England


The seat of the Government of the US is in __________ .
A) the state of Washington C) Boston
B) New York D) Washington, D.C.


The original inhabitants of Australia were a people called __________ .
A) Red Indians C) Aborigines
B) wild people D) Indians


In 1770 __________ became the first European(s) to explore Australia's east coast.
A) Vikings C) John Cabot
B) Amerigo Vespucci D) James Cook


Martin Luther King was __________ .
A) a writer C) the black American clergyman and civil rights leader
B) the US president D) a commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution


St. Patrick's Day on March 17 is the __________ tradition.
A) Irish C) English
B) American D) Scottish


On October 12, 1492 an Italian navigator __________ discovered America.
A) Christopher Columbus C) Leif Ericson
B) John Cabot D) Walter Raleigh


Independence Day (July 4) commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in __________ by thirteen American colonies.
A) 1789 C) 1792
B) 1787 D) 1776


Hadrian's Wall was built __________ .
A) in Ireland C) from the North to the South
B) to mark the northern boundary of his Empire and to separate the Romans from the warlike peoples of Scotland D) around 130 AD but today there are no more any remains of it


Northern Ireland is also called __________ .
A) North Ireland C) Albion
B) West Britain D) Ulster


Sir Walter Scott was born in __________ in 1771.
A) Manchester C) Edinburgh
B) London D) Dublin


True or false? Choose the correct answer.
A) The Pilgrims arrived in the New World in 1620. C) The Pilgrims' ship was called Flowership.
B) The Pilgrims' ship was called Mayship. D) The Pilgrim Fathers arrived in Australia in 1720.


__________ is the capital of New Zealand.
A) Auckland C) Wellington
B) Brisbane D) Canberra


Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated __________ since 1621.
A) in Great Britain C) all over the world
B) in the USA D) just in the English speaking countries


__________ was the first President of the USA.
A) F.D.Roosevelt C) Abraham Lincoln
B) George Washington D) Thomas Jefferson


The Constitution of the United States as the basic laws of the country was adopted in __________ .
A) New York in 1787 C) Philadelphia in 1787
B) Philadelphia in 1776 D) Boston in 1787

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