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English Idioms - Quizzes - B

1. He is always spending his money drinking so he is always (without money).
behind the times
banked on
backed out

2. The clothes in that store are a little (old fashioned).
better off
brand new
behind the times

3. She (separated from) her boyfriend after a big fight last week.
broke up with
broke down
beat around the bush
bailed out

4. He refused my proposal so I will have to (start over from the beginning).
bring to mind
by the skin of my teeth
bury the hatchet
go back to the drawing board

5. He always (makes a great effort) to do a good job.
bends over backwards
burns his bridges behind him
barks up the wrong tree
brings up the rear

6. I wish he would say exactly what he means rather than (talking and not getting to the point).
beating around the bush
bringing the house down
breaking the news
biting off more than he can chew

7. I am going to go to night school to (review ) my English.
bring to mind
better off
brush up on
bank on

8. The house (was destroyed by fire) during the electrical storm.
beat around the bush
broke fresh ground
brought up
burnt down

9. The handbag that she lost was (totally new).
brand new
better off
beside herself
back to the drawing board

10. She is (waiting) until she hears about the job.
bailing her out
biding her time
barking up the wrong tree
behind the times

11. You can always (depend on) him to lend you the money.
bring to mind
bank on
back out
blow over

12. I think that I (decided to do too much) when I said I'd help with the party.
had a brush with the law
brought to mind
broke the bank
bit off more than I can chew

13. It is time to (tell) her about the company's plans to move.
burn the midnight oil to
bend over backwards to
break the news to
burn the candle at both ends to

14. She is (in a better position) since she sold her car.
better off
backing out
beating around the bush
blown over

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