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Think about correct answers:

I'd like to put a better suggestion at meeting.
We'll put at a cheap hotel.
How much does the ticket ?
Our plane off at 5 p.m. yesterday.
Would you also take the post my letter box?
It's no problem all.
I'm here business.
No milk next Monday.
I couldn't get bottom of the mystery.
Peter was thrown completely balance when he was summoned to the court.
I've a cold.
Nothing has yet so much money as your car.
Left Office
the Step
Lost Office
5th =
9th =
If you run after two hares, you will catch .
He laughs best who laughs .
the body of people which rules a country =
number of shops in different places all owned and controlled by one business company =
Mum: " Do you want help with your maths?"
Daughter: "No, thanks. I can get it wrong on my own."

*   *   *
Teacher: "Smith, you should have been in class at nine o'clock!"
Smith: "Why, did I miss good?

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