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The Taliban say their war is a "Holy War" yet they are taking the lives of many innocent people contrary to what their religion believes. A 94-year-old woman who rarely left her home and harmed no one was another Anthrax victim. The FBI is still trying to discover how the woman contracted the bacteria and have so far narrowed it down to a package she received in the mail.

The terrorist are using envelopes that do not contain the spores so as it goes through the mail system it infects all mail that it touches or that goes through the scanning system after it has passed through. They may say they are targeting the political leaders but the six who have died never held a public office but were postal workers, a hospital worker, and now this 94-year-old woman who stayed home and hoped to die a natural death instead of the painful death from Anthrax.

The government has asked Americans not to send mail out of the US because the packages and letters could be tainted with the Anthrax bacteria. They are trying to sterilize the mail but they fear that the spores may attach themselves to other letters and a harmless letter to another country may spread the disease. This means you may cause harm to others. So if your pen friends no longer write it is for your protection. It is the terrorist who are spreading Anthrax in the US who are preventing any country from receiving mail or packages from the US.

If you wish to find out more about the war and what is happening in the US you can go to CNN on the Internet and find articles concerning all the items I have written about. You will find interviews as well as what is happening in the war in Afghanistan.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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