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Once again people living in New York are witness to a plane crash. This time the plane went down in the suburbs of New York. The plane had just left the airport five minutes before it crashed into homes in the suburbs. People living in the area saw it heading toward their homes. Some saw the engine fall off the plane several miles from the crash site.

The victim's bodies were removed from the crash site along with two black boxes. One black box recorded notice from the plane and the pilots struggle to keep the plane from crashing. The second black box will tell investigators what happened in the event it was a mechanical failure. The stabilizer fell off the plane before the crash as well as one of the engines. Fuel was spilled into the water and it was first believed that the pilot dumped the fuel to prevent it from causing a jet fuel fire as was the fire at the World Trade Center. One of the passengers had survived the World Trade Center attack and decided that he would help others in the Dominican Republic to make investments that would help them have a chance for a better future. He was not so lucky this time. Another passenger was a young woman five months pregnant and her four-year-old son who were going to visit another family member both died in the crash. A man who was going to see the grave of his father also died in the crash along with many others.

Was this a terrorist attack? No one knows but the government believes it was just a failure on the structure of the plane or the engine failure. But they have no ruled out terrorist tampering with the plane.

As you probably know the Northern Alliance has taken over Kabul the capital of Afghanistan. The Taliban abandoned the city so the Northern Alliance moved quickly to secure the city and claim victory. Citizens of the city celebrated the freedom they now had since the Taliban left and the Northern Alliance was no in possession of their city.

The war is not over and it will be a long time before terrorists understand that they will not be tolerated in any country in the world. The terrorist will be hunted down and made to pay for the lives they have taken. Many countries feel the terrorist would not bother them if they don't become involved in the war in Afghanistan but no country is safe from terrorist not even the Ache Republic.

One of the terrorist leaders met with a follower in Prague not too long before the attack on the US. They were considering targeting a radio station there. Remember the Taliban believe women have no place in society. Women are to be kept off the streets and covered up. They are not to be educated or treated as a human being but as a possession. They believe that a husband has the right to kill his wife for the slightest reason. They believe that a girl baby or child has no value so may be killed at birth or sold into slavery. Women are not allowed to make any decisions or argue with their husband concerning any aspect of their child's upbringing or politics. They must always bow to his authority and never do anything make him angry or it could mean her life.

When they were in Prague they saw women walking in the streets without being swathed in yards of material. They saw women working and making decisions that only men were allowed to make in their country. The saw men working for women or along side women as equals. They saw girl children treated equally as male children. When they saw all this there is no doubt they resented women having all that freedom. They resented that people in Prague could choose which church they wished to attend instead of following the Muslim religion as they wrote it not as was followed by the true Muslims.

No country that does not believe as Osama bin Laden does is safe from terrorist attacks. If you see something that doesn't look quite right report it to the local authorities. It is better to be safe than sorry. Remember that the US is not the only country that allows religious freedom and give women equal rights. Americans are even worried about mailing letters especially t O other countries because the letter may become tainted with Anthrax just by passing through a post office where an Anthrax letter has gone.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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