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The Congress has just passed what is called a "Sunset Law" which means it is only in effect for four years then must be renewed. This new law allows the government to tap phones, check E-mails, check on accounts, etc. to help prevent terrorist from communicating or sending funds to other terrorists.

The people in the US say this may be against their Constitutional rights but it is a lot better than letting the terrorist use our communications against us as they did on the Sept 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

The US government suspected that pictures with encrypted messages were used to organize the attacks. They found that they used computers and electronic transfers to finance these attacks.

The US citizens are under attack by a group who hates them because they have the freedom to worship as they please. The Muslim admit that the Taliban are not following their own beliefs. They agree that their Bible says not to harm anyone who is not armed with a weapon yet the Taliban killed over six thousand people who had no weapons and weren't aware that they would die because of the on groups hate for America.

American has lost several people to the Anthrax bacteria and many others have been exposed to it. These people have done nothing to warrant infection by this bacteria with the exception of sorting and delivering or opening the mail. Children have been exposed as well as adults yet the Taliban and the Muslims in that area say innocent people are being killed by the bombs being dropped in Afghanistan. If Osama bin Laden cared for the Afghanistan people he would surrender and stand trial for this crimes but he allows them to die while he hides safely away from the bombs.

America is sending food to the Muslim refugees yet these people are still supporting the same man who left them live in poverty and starvation. Pakistan tribes are said to be taking supplies to the Taliban taking the food from the refugees who need it to survive. Most Americans believe that part of the supplies are food dropped to the refugees to stop them from starving. The Taliban may hate America but they will eat the food that America sent to the very people they allowed to starve.

The Taliban say it is a "Holy War". What is Holy about killing people who believe differently than you. If that is the case then even the Muslim community will be under attack since they are following the writings passed down by their forefathers instead of the new Osama bin Laden religion.

The question every country needs to ask themselves and their people is, "Is our nation next?' If we don't do as bin Laden demands are our people the next ones to die from some type of bio-terrorism or from an attack on our largest cities? He is like Hitler, and Napoleon who want to rule the world because he like them can mesmerize the young people into believing that to die for him is to die in glory. May God watch over these young people who believe what he tells them because there is no glory in death just pain and suffering of the person and their loved ones.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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