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The terrorists have decided to pollute the US with Anthrax. They are sending it through the mail to news station reporters and government officials. They sent it to a paper in Florida and it caused the death of an elderly man who was working in the mail room. There have between eight cases of Anthrax because of the terrorist and one of the victims is a seven month old baby.

The US has medication to cure Anthrax and because of this the people may be worried about contracting the bacteria but now know it can be treated. The government has also taken step to stop a small pox epidemic which they believe the terrorist may try to infect the people who live in the US.

Severe penalties for making a practical joke of the Anthrax scare have been passed into law. A man who put sugar through the mail room at his company may get eighteen years in prison for his practical joke. Another who placed an envelope with baby powder on his boss's desk was fired and may get fifteen years in prison. Another practical joker sprinkled face powder in his office and is now awaiting trial. The government is asking for longer sentences for these practical jokers because their practical joke has cost their companies thousands of dollars and terrorized fellow employees. The American government does not take this type of joke lightly and is now calling it a "terrorist threat". The government believes these people are unknowingly helping the terrorist to frighten the American public.

The people in Pakistan and Afghanistan say innocent people are being killed in the bombings. This is probably true but these people are not being targeted it is the Taliban who the US wants to wipe out not the Afghanistan people. The same cannot be true of the terrorists. They are using any type of weapon available to kill American citizens and they don't care if an innocent baby dies because of their campaign to set the world back in time.

The Taliban want their world to follow the same religious traditions they did back when Christ walked this earth. They want women to stay in their homes and accept their husband having more than one wife. The woman must remain swathed in clothing so no one can see her body or face. She is not allowed to receive an education or own anything of her own. Her husband has complete control of her life and their children. If he wishes to set her aside he can do so without any reason but that he is tired of her and wants a younger wife. She either returns to her family or dies because she has no way to support herself with the exception of begging on the streets.

The world must move ahead not backwards. Countries should have the right to practice their faiths and no have to worry about being dictated to. Women should be allowed to receive an education because they then can work to help support their family. Widows and single mothers need to work but if the Taliban has their way these women would be left at the mercy of family relatives who can't or wouldn't help them.

It is not fair to the men either than they should have to carry the full burden of supporting their family. They shouldn't have to make all the decisions concerning their children and what type of education they should receive. Men have rights just the same as women but sometimes men in the Taliban refuse to see that if a woman is educated and able to help with finances a country will not end up as Afghanistan has with poverty and starving people. If bin Laden really cared for the Afghanistan people why didn't he take his millions and make their life better? Why did he use his money and influence to raise an army of terrorists instead of helping the people he claims to care for?

America is feeding her enemy. She knows that the people are starving especially the women and children. American knows that the Afghanistan men are willing to take the food that is being dropped to the families that are starving while saying that Americans must die. American will continue to feed the Afghanistan people because it is country God has bless with plenty and she is willing to share it even with the families of her enemy. American will continue to feed them even as they try to kill her people with diseases and terrorist acts. Americans are sympathetic to the plight of the Afghanistan women and children and want to help them as much as possible. May Allah bless them as he has the US.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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