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An Arab came to New York and handed the mayor a check for ten million dollars to help with the disaster. This money would have helped greatly to clean up the World Trade Towers yet the mayor gave the check back to the Arab. WHY you may ask well maybe to prove that American is not for sale.

After handing the mayor the check he stated that the US should change their stand on Israel. That they should be more favorable toward the Arab nations. Now ten million dollars is a lot of money and apparently they thought it was enough to chance US policy. The mayor gave him back his check and told him that even though they could have used it, "America is not for sale." That her policies are based on human rights and the rights of the people not select groups with a lot of money.

The Arab has made many statements concerning the refusal of the ten million dollars but not once has he told the truth, that he tried to buy a change in American policies and bribe the US into abandoning Israel. Americans are loyal and cannot be bought. This was an expensive lesson because the ten million would have helped a great deal but by refusing it the mayor and our Nation were sending a message to any and all countries or nations hoping to change US policies through any means that "AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE" at any price.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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