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The Taliban have released pictures of "innocent victims" of the American bombings in Afghanistan. The people are clean and neatly bandaged. One man has a bandage on the left side of his head and is holding a baby. He states that his wife was killed in the bombing. Their injuries are covered with nice clean bandages and not a trace of blood on them or their clean clothes. Many people who get into fights have more wounds and injuries than these "innocent victims" as for his wife being killed we have only his statement of that fact.

NOW let us go to where over six thousand innocent victims perished because of the terrorists in America. The "lucky" ones have second and degree burns all over their body from the jet fuel fireballs. The less lucky ones can't even be found unless a body part is found and they still can't be identified because there isn't enough of the part to help them discover who the victim was. The bombing happened over a month ago and even workers keep looking for innocent victims they realize they may never find even a body part due to the heat from the jet fuel which heated the metal and stone causing cremation of the bodies.

The main difference between the Afghanistan "innocent" victims and the American innocent victims is that Afghanistan had warnings to leave the area but American citizens had no idea that they were going to die. The people working in the World Trade Center in New York, the passengers on the planes used to destroy the towers, the Pentagon workers and the plane passengers as well as the passengers on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania were not warned they may become victims in an attack on the US.

Many Afghanistan people fled the country and are now being fed by the American people. People who should hate all the Afghanistan people for harboring the terrorist who planned the attacks on the US, Osama bin Laden. Yet the Americans agree that the refugees should not suffer for those actions of their government. Some these refugees are eating the food American is sending over there while protesting the bombings. These may be the same people who danced in the streets and celebrated the attacks on American which claimed over six thousand INNOCENT victims. People who had families and left behind widows, widowers, orphans and loved ones. Now they say "innocent" people are being killed by American bombs but they had the opportunity to get away from the sites that are being bombed. The American victims didn't.

American is a strong nation and they know that even if the terrorist are defeated and Afghanistan is once more returned to its people that sometime in the future they will try to destroy the US. Not because the US didn't help them in their time of need but because they will resent that their country had to accept help from the US. When a nation is as strong and powerful as the US power mad people like bin Laden will attack that nation because if you can bring down the most powerful nation in the world the less powerful will soon fall.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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