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A nightscope view of Kabul from northern Afghanistan

The US and Britain with the cooperation of the NATO forces has attacked Afghanistan terrorists but bin Laden managed to hide from the bombs and allow the innocent to die in his place. He stated that innocent people will die because of the bombings yet neglects to admit how many innocent people have died in terrorist attacks. Over six thousand innocent victims were claimed in the US on September 11 when the terrorist attacked the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, and the plane where the passengers aborted another effort to attack the Capital by bringing down the plane in Pennsylvania. He doesn't mention how many have died in other countries such as Russia, Japan, England and other nations.

The food being dropped does not contain meat because the US does not wish to often the Muslims or Islamic people by sending a food their religion does not allow them to eat. The food is dehydrated so it will not spoil. All that is needed is water to bring it back to normal then it can be eaten.

While planes bombed Afghanistan other planes dropped food and medical supplies to the Afghanistan refugees. This was a dangerous mission because they could have been shot down by mistake or maybe to prevent them from helping the Afghanistan refugees to grow stronger and capable of defending their own country from the Taliban. On thing is for certain with all his wealth bin Laden didn't do anything to help the people. He did not try to furnish them with food or medical help because if they were strong and not starved or ill they may have prevented the Taliban from taking over their country.

Since freedom of religion is very important to Americans they believe the Muslims and Islamic people should be allowed to practice their faith without being forced to follow the dictates of a man who wants power at any cost even the lives of the people who populate his adopted country.

When the attacks were made on the US Osam bin Laden had family members in the US in the colleges and Universities trying to get an education. Did he care that they may be punished for his acts? NO, he was willing to sacrifice them in his greed for power. Bin Lade in willing to sacrifice his family, his followers, anyone but himself in his war against religious freedom.

He stated that the US was living in fear but Americans are not hiding like bin Laden is doing. Americans are taking extra security measures to protect her citizens but she is still functioning. Bin Laden is the one who is hiding and no longer is in the public eye. The President of the US is still making public appearances even though it is his life the Taliban would like to end. He is still visiting New York to talk to the mayor about the attack on the World Trade Center. He can still be seen in the public media explaining what actions have been taken and why he is not hiding as bin Laden is doing.

The US expects more terrorist attacks because of the attacks on Afghanistan but they refuse to shut down their country because of the terrorist. Many believe that this will help bring more terrorist out of hiding so that they can be captured and will lead to more arrests and more information about where other terrorist can be found in both the US and other countries and save lives of potential innocent victims. The Americans pledge of allegiance states it is. "One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all" and Americans fell this was never truer than it is during this war on terrorists

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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