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A nightscope view of Kabul from northern Afghanistan

If you have been listening to the news you have heard how the US has been sending food and medical supplies to the refugees in Afghanistan. The US is trying to help the people to break free of the Taliban and to be able to free themselves from the terrorists who rule their country.

Where is all the food and medical supplies coming from you may ask. It is coming from the American people who believe that not everyone is their enemy. They have donated clothing, food, and money so medical supplies can be bought for the people who live in this nation of poverty. The food is grown on American soil and then the government processes it to use for emergencies and to send to starving or nations in need of the supplies due to disaster or war. Part of the taxes paid by US citizens are used to buy medical supplies and pay doctors to go to that country to help the people.

American is such a terrible country that they have sent food, medical supplies and other aide to countries who complain about them and often once they are stronger use the US weapons against them. The US helped Afghanistan to be free of Russian control and were repaid by a terrorist attack on their country.

Why would the US continue to help other nations who once they are stronger will attack the very nation that helped them. Maybe it is because the US is a nation of people who truly believes in the statement made on their money, "In God we trust". America was founded on the right to worship as you wished and not denied the right to choose the church or faith of your choice. Many nations abide within her borders and enjoy this freedom. They send help to other nations because they wish their people could enjoy the same freedom they have in the US.

Bin Laden would like to take that freedom away from the people. He does not even follow the dictates of his own Bible so how can he declare this a "holy war". Members of the Muslim faith agree that he is not doing this for any other reason but power and to try and control others around him. They saw that they worship "Allah," who is Allah but God. No matter what name you give him he is still the one we answer to and so will bin Laden. He may be able to fool the people but God is no so easily fooled.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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