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bin Laden

The US already has troops on route to Afghanistan to help find bin Laden. Aircraft carriers are already on their way or may even be there by the time this article reaches the public. The permanent military and the reserve have been prepared for this war with all their training and are making preparations before they leave for the Middle East.

A soldier in the military reserves said when called to go into the fighting area he was given shots against disease, told to get his affairs in order this including his life insurances and making a will so his family could follow his wishes in the chance he didn't return. He said that this forced him to face the reality that death may be waiting to claim him in this unforsaken land. After making these preparations he was told to go home and await their call. He said he was going to spend the time he had left with his family and friends letting them know that he loved them and he was proud to fight the terrorist who if not stopped many once more invade his country and kill them.

This is the attitude of the soldiers who are going to fight the terrorists. They feel that if they don't stop the terrorists that all the nations will be open to attack and thousands will die. Terrorism must be stopped and the US is asking all nations to help wipe out terrorist cells before their country is next on the HIT list.

President Bush is concerned that the US may once more attacked by terrorists. He believes that the terrorist will target the strongest county in the world and try to weaken it using this victory to prove they are stronger than any nation and that all nations must bow to their demands. With this in his mind he asked Pennsylvania governor, Ridge to head up a Federal program that would tighten up security and help keep America safe from future attacks.

This war will be a long and deadly war because the terrorist must fight not just the US but all those nations they have been attacking through the years. All nations not involved in this war on terrorism will be considered in favor or terrorism and will find sanctions taken against their nation.

The American people are supporting their President in this war and they are making sure the economy doesn't suffer because of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Americans are strong and they will stand together no matter what other differences they may have they will support this war on terrorist.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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