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The site where the plane went down in Pennsylvania will be made into a Memorial site with a memorial marking the area and a stone naming the people who gave their lives to save the Capitol building. Friends, family members and total strangers come to the site and place flowers near where the plane crashed. Family members brought a picture along with the flowers so everyone would know what their loved on looked like and would not be just a name carved in stone or in the paper.

The plane has not been recovered because it was buried in 40 feet of dirt. Bodies cannot be reclaimed so it will also be their burial sight. A mass service will held at the site as well individual services will held by their families when they return home. It is hard for the families to accept these deaths because their is no body to show that their loved one has died. The nation prays for these families as well as our nation.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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