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Students of religious schools in Karachi beat a burning effigy of President Bush

President Bush made a statement regarding the harassment and damaging of property of the Muslim and Islamic community will be protected by the government. Anyone threatening, or damaging their homes or religious buildings will be prosecuted and receive a harsh sentence.

President Bush said that these innocents will not be persecuted but by others who are looking for a way to vent their anger over the actions of the terrorists. President Bush said that as American citizens they deserve to be protected and he will not tolerate anyone who tries to do any type of harm to their people.

One man ran his car into a Mosque and found that he was not considered a hero but was arrested and will be punished for his foolish action. Others who have threatened the Muslims and Islam people in the US have been warned that unless they cease their threats they also will find a room in one of our jails and eventually a prison.

It says much for the President that even when the American people are angry and nothing clearly and wanting revenge that he has made it quite clean that he will not tolerate them trying to punish innocent American citizens and is willing to prosecute them in order to protect them.

Anger and hate may run riot in the US but the Americans must now target their hate toward the terrorists. Their fear of further terrorist being in their country is proven by the sale of guns and ammunition. When a terrorist is arrested he must be hidden away lest their anger causes them to use these weapons against the terrorists. American is an angry country but even more angry because their enemy is too cowardly to openly attack them and allow them to defend their nation.

May God bless America and stop her people from taking the law into their own hands. May God watch over President Bush and the nations who must deal with these terrorist and their countrymen who want revenge for the terrorist acts performed in all their country.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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