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On Sept. 11, 2001 many witnessed the terrorist attack on the US. First they flew two planes into the World Trade Center in New York City, then a plane hit the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The fourth plane which was to hit the nation's capital crashed in Pennsylvania due to the bravery of the passengers who felt that even they had to die they would prevent the deaths of others. It is believed that over 5000 people died in this attack both on the planes and in the buildings. The World Trade Center had many citizens from other countries working there. There were Canadians, Orientals, French, English, and many other countries citizens killed when that plane crashed into the building. They were working to help their country toward a better economy.

The black boxes have been retrieved from the Pentagon plane as well as both black boxes from the Pennsylvania crash. The government is trying to obtain the information on these black boxes which record what happened in the cockpit of the planes before crashing.

This article does not pertain to all this but to the reaction of the people both in the US and the other nations who suffered from this terrorist attack. Americans felt they alone would have to deal with the terrorist, but soon found that the other nations who lost citizens in the World Trade Center attack also wanted retribution for the deaths of their citizens who were working there in the hope of helping their country to a better economic future.

Americans were so amazed and proud to find that other nations were willing to help wipe out these terrorist groups in their country as well as in America. Information on the terrorists arrested came from e-mails, phone calls, all was given in confidence yet it helped the governments in all nations to apprehend these people who are willing to kill innocent people as well as themselves and use GOD's name as an excuse for their acts.

The religious leaders, our country's leaders and others have asked that everyone understand that this was the Devil's work and he is using GOD's name so the people who believe in GOD will turn away from him. All the nations have held firm in their religious beliefs so their plan failed.

It also failed in trying to separate the nations. All the nations who have sworn to find and punish terrorist in their country as well as the US will find that economic trade will flourish because they will now support each other and help each other to build a stronger economy and secure nation.

There is not question that the Allies will be going to war against any nation who harbors terrorists. The leaders of these terrorist run and hide like the cowards they are and let their people to suffer the consequences of their cowardly act. The President of the US is not hiding but visiting the sites of the plane crashes. He is addressing the media and not hiding even though he is the main target of the terrorists. That is the difference between a person who leads his people and one who uses his people then hides and lets them suffer for his actions.

Americans are proud to call the nations friends and allies who are in agreement that terrorism must be stopped and willing to do something about it. The world has united in this effort and the US citizens believe that God will help because he will not allow such cowardly acts to be committed in his name.

GOD bless American and her allies and help them to wipe out terrorism in the world. The support of all these nations proves that cowards must run and hide from the Allied nations who refuse to accept their cowardly acts in GOD's name but know them for what they are, acts of Satan who is a deceiver and would try to separate GOD's people by cowardly acts of terrorism saying they were done in GOD's name.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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