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Many people watched in horror as a second plane crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. A first plane hit one of the towers then a second plane struck the second tower. These planes were hijacked from American airports and filled with passengers who were innocent victims in this terrorist attack. Another plane struck the Pentagon in Washington, DC and a fourth plane went down near Pittsburgh. All the planes carried passengers who died when the terrorists decided to destroy important building in the US.

The effects of this attack are being felt world wide not just in this nation. Video of the people in Jerusalem dancing and celebrating the deaths of these innocent victims has enraged the American people and immigrants who are from that nation live in fear of retaliation from their friends and neighbors who are now united in their hate for the nation who sent these terrorists to not just attack our country but to take so many innocent victims with them.

For years there has been a dispute over who was right or wrong in the war in the Middle East but now the country is united in wanting retribution for the deaths of these innocent victims. Where once the government may have found it difficult to get certain issues concerning how to deal with the situation will find support for their views and as a result more innocent people who were not celebrating the terrorists attack will find that retribution does not discriminate between the revelers and the innocent bystanders.

Modern technology has brought it home to the American public in full color. Everyone watches at the second plane strikes the tower in New York. Witnesses saw the faces of the passengers as their plane went down in Washington. A man called the emergency 911 number from his cell phone and stated their plane had been hijacked just before it crashed outside of Pittsburgh. Two other passengers and an airline employee called their families and told them they loved them that they knew they were going to die. One of the men said he and couple others were going to do something to stop the terrorists. It is believed that they forced the plane down in Pennsylvania instead of letting it hit the Capital building. These men knew they were going to die but saved the lives of thousands of others because they refused to sit idly by and let the terrorists claim more innocent lives.

Even if it is discovered that Middle East groups are not responsible the celebration there will seal their fate. A country that was divided in how to deal with terrorist and the war over there will now be united in wanting them punished for rejoicing that so many innocent victims lost their lives in this act of terror.

The US has become stronger and people who once considered others not a part of their community or nation are now bonded together in helping the victims, the rescuers, and the families of the victims to cope with this tragedy. The country will rebuild and the nation will now have a stronger security force because of this attack. Terrorists will find that it will be harder to attack our nation and those who are caught will find no mercy in a country who wants retribution for the loss of so many innocent lives. Americans agree that if they had declared war they would understand what happened but the attack was done in such a cowardly manner that they have no understanding of how they can be proud of this cowardly act against innocent people. Now they are calling the terrorist a group of cowards who are afraid to fight openly because they know they will be defeated so the do their fighting and hide because they know what cowards they really are.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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