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Labor Day is a national holiday. On this day our country celebrates all the improvements made over the years by the working class people. Not the office workers but even they profited by the efforts made to improve working conditions.

Workers went on strike for better working conditions, better wages, A strike is when workers stand in front of the business or company and refuse to go to work until their demands are met. They refuse to let others enter the area and go to work because if they allowed others to do their job the company would not consider their demands.

Many companies employees belong to "Unions" who deal with the company officers and if necessary agree to changes in their demands. Today most strikes are settled quickly because companies cannot afford to close their doors for long periods of time.

As stated there have been many improvements made concerning working conditions and pay yet not all of the changes have been to the good. Sometimes the demands are so great that if the company tries to meet them they find themselves in financial problems which can cause them to close their doors and go out of business or sell to another company who will fire the employees or reduce their wages and they will have lost all they gained because their demands caused the company to have to sell or go out of business.

Americans who are on the lowest pay scale get $5.15 an hour. Some make as much as $50-$75 an hour in plants. This one reason a product made in the US is so expensive. Their wage is just part of the company's expenses because the law in US demands that the company provide employees with insurance, unemployment insurance in the event that they have periods of times when they will not be working.

Labor Day is a celebration of the progress Americans and some of the progress is good yet sometimes demands cause companies to go out of business. Even on Labor Day anyone who works will receive their normal hourly wage as well as half of that hourly wage. If a worker makes $6 an hour on a holiday the worker makes $9 that day.

Just another holiday but it celebrates both the success and problems brought on by American workers. The greatest benefit is the wages a person makes on such a holiday.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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