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In 1492 a large country was discovered by Christopher Columbus. This country later became know as the United States of America. The country flourished and became a world leader yet they forgot that they were actually one of the youngest countries in the world and that there were countries with a wealth of history and who had survived without this new nation to save them. Such a country is the CZECH REPUBLIC.

The CHEZ REPUBLIC has existed since Biblical times. It has had many invaders who wished to take over the country and rule it. But the Chez people were strong and survived all these invasions. They managed to retain their heritages and traditions. Their land was and still is a beautiful land filled with castles and cathedrals . The Chez country has buildings, churches, and statures older than the US. The Chez people have done what few countries have done they have kept their past alive by keeping the buildings that preserve their beliefs and traditions. Other nations have torn down historical buildings and replaced them with skyscrapers and other modern buildings. Churches which are over a hundred years old are torn down and replaced with more modern structures thus doing away with the rich history of their religion while the Chez people not only saved theirs but preserved them and use them still.

A country that is strong, beautiful, and can be proud of all they have accomplished. A country which has an ancient history and a history of being strong even against all invaders who hope to conquer it. Yes the invaders have claimed to conquer the Chez country but in truth they were only allowed to occupy this beautiful country until such time as the people conquered them through patience, strength, and their ability to let their conquers believe they have submitted to them.

The CHEZ REPUBLIC a beautiful country filled with strong, beautiful people. A country to be proud, a country rich in history, A country to be proud of and a people who have a right to be proud of they have accomplished without the help of other nations.


by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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