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Easter tradition in the US is really confusing unless you live in that country because everyone celebrates it in their own way. Children are told about the Easter Bunny who brings candy, toys, and colored eggs to them on Easter Sunday. Local organizations and businesses will sponsor Easter egg hunts and give prizes to the children. Candy of all types is given to the boys and girls. Some are solid chocolate, some hollow chocolate (every shape you can imagine, cars, rabbits, action heroes, etc.), marshmallow peeps and rabbits, jelly beans, white and dark chocolate are both popular.

Stuffed animals are often given in the city but in the county and rural areas life pets are given such as rabbits and peeps (newly hatched chickens). The government tries to prevent the giving of live pets because most times children don't treat the small animals with the gentle care they need. Often after the peep becomes a chicken (if it lives that long) it is given to a farmer. Rabbits are often dropped off in the country in the belief that they will survive but a tame rabbit doesn't know how to survive so is often killed by a cat, dog, or other predator. More often than not it starves or freezes to death. The Humane Society will advertise for these unwanted Easter pets hoping to prevent this cruel disposal of pets.

Stores make a fortune this time of the year selling candy, toys, games and new clothes to families. Easter Sunday is the day everyone dresses in their finest and goes to church to hear about the resurrection of Christ. The children have gotten their Easter basket filled with candy and other goodies before attending church so you may find the child hugging a new stuffed rabbit or eating a piece of chocolate they have hidden from their parents search and eating it in church. After church it is home to hunt the colored eggs that the Easter bunny hid (a relative or friend). The meal usually consists of ham, potatoes, vegetable, and dessert. Then everyone either relaxes or goes visiting or is visited by friends and family.

NOT everyone in the US celebrates Easter or Christmas. Some religions like the Jewish faith and the Jehovah Witnesses do not believe the Saviour has been born yet so refuse to acknowledge the holiday. They still receive the holiday off and holiday pay even though they don't believe in the birth of Christ or his dying on the cross. But in the US you are all treated equally and have the freedom to believe as you wish and to practice your beliefs as long it is not harmful to others.


by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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