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April 5, 2001

There are problems between the US and China because of a plane that the Chinese are holding and the servicemen who the American government wants released. The American people are extremely upset over this trouble and are asking the President to cut all ties with China once the plane and servicemen are returned. This includes all trading with that country. It may develop into a boycott of anything made in China.

Americans want to know why most of the items they purchase are made in Asian countries. Why aren't some of these products made in other European countries? Why haven't other countries asked manufacturers to open factories in their country instead of only the Asian countries getting all their money. Americans believe that their money is paying for the improved economy of the Asian countries who would use the money to purchase weapons to use against the US.

Americans are a proud and stubborn people and like most proud people they will refuse to support a country that has in their opinion has done something to show their country would attack the US or their citizens. The plane being forced down could have been an accident but when China refuses to release the servicemen or the plane Americans get angry and are willing to look elsewhere for the items they normally bought stamped made in China. If they can't find it they are stubborn enough to do without it.

Americans are strange and wonderful people because they may fight among themselves but don't you dare attack their country. In time of turmoil Americans stick together no matter what their race, nationality or sex. After all this is their country and NO ONE is allow to threaten it.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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