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February 1, 2001

USA is on of the richest countries in the world fur agriculture and industry. The farmers fields produce enough grain to feed several nations yet the farmer says he doesn't get paid enough for his crop so the government buys part of his crop to send to other countries. The government also pays farmers to let certain acres lay fallow ( unused) because there is a surplus and if there is too much of a surplus the prices will go down. Dairy farms are getting price increases for milk because their cows are producing too much milk so some must be bought by the government to be canned or dried and sent to countries that don't have enough milk.

Industry workers make more that six dollars an hour. They have medical benefits, vacation pay and holiday pay yet say they aren't receiving enough. Companies have moved to other countries because of the high demands by US laborers which they can't meet. The laborers are forcing companies out of business which means they are out of jobs.

Why is the US one of the richest countries in the world poor? Because even with the over abundance of produce Americans tend to eat junk food which isn't good for them. Poor nutrition is one of biggest causes of death in the US. Americans tend to eat a lot of fat products and few vegetable or grain products. Americans want a quick meal they can eat while watching television instead of a balanced meal before going for a walk. They drive everywhere and rarely walk.

One of the biggest problems with being the richest country is that almost everything has become easier because of the machines and computers that do most of the work while the employee sits and pushes buttons instead of having to do physical labor as employees in other countries do. If you are a secretary and need a file you just push a few buttons and the computer finds it no more going to the file cabinet. If you want the product your company is building to come to you just push a button and it is brought to you by a rail track or an automated robot.

The US is rich because of the many nationalities that make up the country. It is because there are so many nationalities that there is a lot of wisdom to help make our nation a strong independent country. Americans may not be in the best physical condition but they have machines to do their work and fighting for them so they are a powerful nation and as long as immigrants come to the US it will remain strong because these new citizens know what it is like to be truly poor and don't want to lose the new life where they decide what they can do to be successful and free. GOD bless our immigrants.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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