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January 1, 2001

The US has a new President but everyone is wondering if he was really the people's choice.. The news was full of debates over who won and who should have won. The state of Florida was the main problem with the voters because some did not understand the ballot and marked votes for Gore and another candidate who had his name close to Al Gore's name. Some voters didn't push the lever hard enough so it made only an impression on the ballot instead of punching out the hole so their vote was discarded. First the votes were to be counted by hand than they weren't allowed to be counted. The votes with a impression were allowed to be counted then they weren't allowed to be counted. The Bush workers were allowed to remove absentee ballots and take them to voters even though it is not allowed to happen because they can influence the voter. Finally the Supreme Court said, "NO" to counting the votes by hand so now Bush is to be the new President of the US.

The American public is questioning whether he should be President or not because of the way the Florida voters were confused about their ballots. Many ask if their votes really count or if the Supreme Court will decide to throw their vote out because they didn't understand the ballot or the voting machine. Already they are questioning every program, every issue that Bush is proposing because of the way he won the election. The American public will be watching every move Bush makes and will be very critical of his administration. Would it have been different if Al Gore won. No, because the voters in the US have lost faith in the voting system so will be suspicious of any official elected in such a shabby manner.

The US is a country that tells everyone to get out and vote because their vote counts but now some are questioning this statement. Next election will tell because if the voters don't feel their vote counts the number of voters who will take the time to go to vote may be a lot less than the candidates hope to see vote so they can win the election. They may just tell the Supreme Court to appoint the official after their decision in this Presidential election

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by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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