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November 13, 2000

What does the term "Hunting Season" mean to an American. It means anyone over the age of twelve who wants to buy a hunting license can purchase one then hunt for wild animals. Archery season is first and during this time hunters us a bow and arrow to hunt game. Most of hunters use a crossbow since a compound bow isn't allowed. Then hunting with comes into season.

Small game season is a time for hunting rabbits, squirrels, grouse, and pheasant. Right before Thanksgiving these hunters are allowed to hunt "wild turkey" After Thanksgiving large game season starts. This means they can hunt deer. There are three days of Buck season and two days of doe season.. Many deer have been shot in archery season and have lived a very painful life until a hunter shoots them with a gun and puts them out of their pain and suffering. Of course the meat is not good so the hunter gets angry with archery hunters for cheating him out of his "venison".

Hunting season is not only dangerous for the animals being hunted but the hunters as well because inexperienced hunters sometimes shoot at a movement in the woods and later discover it was another hunter or some farmer's cow, horse, or pet. This is the problem with hunting season. Vehicles are often found with small pellets holes from the shells spraying pellets and these pellets may travel a long distance and hit something that shouldn't have to worry about being shot.

America is a great country for sportsmen. That is what hunters call themselves but others wonder what type of sport is where a human takes a high-power gun out and shots an animal in their own territory and the animals only defense is its speed or ability to hide from the hunter. They ask if hunters would feel so brave and be so eager to kill if the animals also carried guns.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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